What I learned in Owatonna, MN

What I learned in Owatonna, MN

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One of my census assignments was in Owatonna, MN.  This is a community at the intersections of I-35 and US Hwy 14 in Steele County.  The main sources of employment appeared to be: agriculture, factories, tourism, education, and of course REAL ESTATE!  Read on to discover what I learned.


What I learned about Owatonna’s real estate was there are beautiful new subdivisions created with new retails centers.  In my previous blog one reason the census is conducted is to show where retails centers should be constructed.  Hopefully the census was able to provide information to Owatonna’s zoning and City Council committees regarding this retail center.  This particular retail center was on the northern outskirts of town with much protentional to continue building.  The retailers were: a Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa based gas station, local mom-n-pop restaurant, dental facility, veterinarian, legal counseling group, and many other important shops.  What I learned was the main road to divide the new retailers and subdivision with the older residential section seemed more of a welcoming bridge.  At times, a new section of town may become a competition with the existing areas; but here seemed to be more of something that was very much wanted.


Another piece I learned was the residents of Owatonna were very proud.  One person had their windows open while playing the piano.  Kids were safe to play in their yards.  Adults would be seen socializing in their neighborhoods.  I found this heartwarming!


While walking around neighborhoods, I felt a sense the homes sold quickly.  Using my gut feeling, real estate knowledge, and seeing how the neighbors interacted, what I learned is Owatonna wants to be a community to welcome people to stay for a long time!  Hopefully Reel Property Solutions, LLC will have the opportunity to fix and flip a property or two or more.  The next step will be to research more of Owatonna, get to know other real estate professionals, network, and get closer to redeveloping neighborhoods!


Reel Property Solutions, LLC will continue to utilize the remarkable education tools from Fortune Builders.  One piece is a spreadsheet to line up numbers so the best offer can be made to the homeowner.  There are also countless real estate experts as guides for support!  So, no matter where Reel Property Solutions, LLC goes, as our fearless leader, what I learned is Owatonna would be a terrific place to be!


No matter who you are or where you live, still reach out to us for anything real estate.


507-722-1511 or 507-218-8788 or info@reelpropertysolutionsllc.com.  CATCH A WINNER!


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