Causes, questions, and answers of a bad foundation

Causes, questions, and answers of a bad foundation

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A bad foundation is a huge expense to repair.  First, what causes a foundation to be bad?  Here are some factors:

  1. Dirt:
    1. Earth settling which is a natural process
    2. Soft ground from the type of soil in an area
    3. Underground water source has been known to cause water to leak into basements
  2. Traffic:
    1. Main road with a heavy traffic area causes vibrations which causes the foundation to move
    2. Low traffic area may indicate the road isn’t well maintained, perhaps leaves potholes to be neglected, therefore when traffic does drive by, vibrations may cause the foundation to move
  3. Quality of construction/materials
    1. Sometimes when a house is quickly put together the foundation may not have had time to adhere before going forward with construction
    2. Poor quality materials do not hold together very well
    3. Perhaps one group of workers started something but didn’t finish, so another group takes over which might cause something in the foundation to not be done correctly or at all
  4. House age
    1. Before 1920’s limestone and sandstone was used which is very soft and crumbles easily
    2. Older foundation in general may have some cracks
  5. Damages
    1. Flood may bring mold problems that starts in foundation cracks
    2. Tornado may have damaged a house, including the foundation
    3. Fire- enough said
    4. Removing dirt away from the foundation for an addition may weaken the foundation
    5. Excessive wear and tear


When Reel Property Solutions, LLC goes on a property tour and discovers a bad foundation, this is an immediate red flag.  The WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, AND HOW questions need to be addressed

  • Who can repair the foundation?
  • What is the cost?
  • When can this be done in the process of overall renovations?
  • Why is this a bad foundation?
  • How can this be prevented?


The key is PREVENTION.  Reel Property Solutions, LLC takes pride in top quality work, therefore the repair is only part of the solution.  Prevention of a bad foundation is the other part of the solution.

Fortune Builders is a network of other investors.  Reel Property Solutions, LLC reaches out to the Fortune Builders family for money lenders, advice, support others, and asking the what-if types of questions.  Asking about how to repair a bad foundation is definitely one question to ask multiple people for input since there is more than one right and more than one wrong way to go about the repair process.  An experienced, licensed, insured professional will be the ones completing the work.  An experienced inspector will monitor the quality, ensure the finished product is top notch, and can withstand normal wear and tear.  Now the property is ready for the next buyer!

As always, Reel Property Solutions, LLC is here to ensure the real estate transaction is a WIN-WIN for all involved!

If you have a house with a bad foundation and want Reel Property Solutions, LLC to take a peek, contact us!   507-218-8788 OR 507-722-1511



*******DISCLAIMER: A bad foundation repair is extremely expensive.  Therefore, the offer price to the home may be less than what you as the homeowner or representative of the home may have in mind.*********


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