Best time to sell a home

Posted by Rochelle Markov // February 14, 2019 // Blog

The best time to sell a home is: ANYTIME with Reel Property Solutions, LLC.  Sometimes people prefer to sell a house using a real estate agent, realtor, or broker.  Outlined are reasons why ANYTIME is the best time to sell a home with Reel Property Solutions, LLC verses why the time of year could impact […]

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Tips for networking

Posted by Rochelle Markov // January 16, 2019 // Blog

This is a blog written for this website on May 20, 2017 about networking:   To dig deeper, this blog will outline the ways Reel Property Solutions, LLC utilizes networking, the benefits, tips for networking, and what to do for continued success.   Reel Property Solutions, LLC’s goals and tips for networking is vast.  […]

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Houses in Rochester, MN

Posted by Rochelle Markov // January 4, 2019 // Blog

We took a break from looking at houses in Rochester, MN.  Now we are BACK and ready more than ever to CATCH A WINNER!   Being a real estate redeveloper can be whatever we want it to be.  Our 2018 was spent with a giant focus on building up a business network and marketing to […]

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Buy Distressed Homes: How we do it!

Posted by Rochelle Markov // December 3, 2018 // Blog

Purchasing any home involves a lot of “hoops to jump through”.  Want to buy distressed homes?  There are still many, but perhaps just different hoops.  Here is what Reel Property Solutions LLC goes through to buy distressed homes.   Title search This very important piece of the puzzle will unveil many things such as: Liens […]

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How to get a house ready to sell quickly

Posted by Rochelle Markov // November 23, 2018 // Blog

Many articles written about how to get a house ready to sell quickly will tell you things like: paint, do staging, contact a real estate agent, trim the landscape, etc. Here’s a list of what Reel Property Solutions, LLC recommends when trying to sell a property in distress. First impressions are the most memorable impressions.  […]

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Signs of a settling foundation

Posted by Rochelle Markov // November 7, 2018 // Blog

A previous blog was written to outline the causes of a cracked foundation.  Now what are SIGNS of a settling foundation in a house?  This question was posted on  Listed below are some categories of reasons with insightful answers from various professionals and business entity represented:   **Cracks in walls indicates signs of a […]

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Causes, questions, and answers of a bad foundation

Posted by Rochelle Markov // October 29, 2018 // Blog

A bad foundation is a huge expense to repair.  First, what causes a foundation to be bad?  Here are some factors: Dirt: Earth settling which is a natural process Soft ground from the type of soil in an area Underground water source has been known to cause water to leak into basements Traffic: Main road […]

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Case Study: It is IMPERATIVE to Do your due diligence!

Posted by Rochelle Markov // October 23, 2018 // Blog

Purchasing, renovating, and reselling a distressed piece of real estate has many facets- meaning many different things that must be done in order for the transaction to be successful.  One of those facets is do your due diligence!  This is a case study to outline why it is IMPERATVE to do your due diligence!   […]

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20 Different Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Posted by Rochelle Markov // October 16, 2018 // Blog

The term invest is a verb that is defined as: “Definition of invest  (Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb 1 : to commit (money) in order to earn a financial return 2 : to make use of for future benefits or advantages invested her time wisely 3 : to involve or engage especially emotionally were […]

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ROI (Return on Investment) to determine good verses bad deal

Posted by Rochelle Markov // October 1, 2018 // Blog

Real estate investing is a numbers game called ROI (Return on Investment) that will determine whether a property is a good or bad deal.  Sometimes an investor wants a certain profit dollar amount to determine a good deal.  Most of the time the ROI (Return on Investment) is 15% or more is a deal maker; […]

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