Choosing a real estate agent: Things to consider

Choosing a real estate agent: Things to consider

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Whether buying or selling a home, many things should be considered.  The most important is HOW to do the transaction.  There are some options:

  • For Sale By Owner: You take care of the transaction and have control over the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, why’s, and how’s.
  • Real Estate Investor: Can purchase in various ways, such as cash, contract for deed, or other types of negotiating
  • Real Estate Agent: There are different types of agents that are outlined in this blog written April 16, 2017:  When choosing a real estate agent, things to consider are: they will have the subject property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Services), can show your house during specified hours, will help to get best offers noticed, can take you to many different properties for sale within your guidelines, might know of upcoming properties before going on the MLS…. Etc!

Reel Property Solutions, LLC utilizes at real estate agent.  There are many reasons, including, but not limited to: Reel Property Solutions, LLC doesn’t have a real estate license, therefore, cannot gain access to the MLS.  Also, networking with other resources is very helpful to gain insights on the housing market and trends.  Choosing a real estate agent was a process of obtaining recommendations, interviews, and most of all, deciphering their knowledge of what investors do.  After all, if a distressed property comes on the market, Reel Property Solutions, LLC needs to have a clear understanding with the agent criteria to be met: purchase price, renovation costs, location, resale price, and if the property is worth pursuing.  A retail buyer should also have their own criteria list.


When choosing a real estate agent, things to consider:

  1. Are you buying or selling or both? Review the blog written about Buyer’s agent and Seller’s agent:
    1. Some states do not allow one agent to represent both sides
    2. Some states to allow, but it’s not encouraged
  2. Costs involved with agents:
    1. Commissions
    2. Closing costs
    3. Staging costs if desired
    4. Down payment to mortgage company
    5. Inspections
    6. Time away from property during an open house/showing
  3. Time frame:
    1. May want a signed contract for a certain length of time
    2. May charge for breaking contract early if no sale
  4. Reputation:
    1. Agent works under a licensed by Broker
    2. Can ask for references or ask others for recommendations
    3. Have networks for questions/answers


Working with a real estate agent along with the top-notch courses in real estate redevelopment from Fortune Builders are two vital parts of why Reel Property Solutions, LLC is successful to redevelop houses into homes!  Most transactions come from the MLS.  Of course, Reel Property Solutions, LLC understands if you choose a real estate agent- now with all things considered, you should feel confident about choosing a real estate agent!

If your property may be a better fit for a professional investor, Reel Property Solutions, LLC would be thrilled to help!  For an initial consultation, contact us at or call us 507-218-8788 or 507-722-1511.  The best of luck in your real estate transaction!


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    Thank you! My daughter was so excited for them!

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      Best of luck to your daughter! Have a great day!

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