Hello! How can I help you?

Hello! How can I help you?

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Walk into a store, an employee says: Hello!  How can I help you?  Go to a car dealership, the sales associate already has an image of what you are looking for before they utter: Hello!  How can I help you?  Contact Reel Property Solutions, LLC, we will also greet with Hello!  How can I help you?  The hope is the motivated seller will have their needs met from one (or a combination) of these categories:

Here is a list of motivated sellers:

  • Financial: Behind on payments or going into Foreclosure and want to sell before too deep into a financial downfall?
  • Probate: Needing to sell a property to settle an estate.
  • Physically distressed: Bad roof, cracked foundation, needs extensive updates, etc.
  • Relocate: Job promotion that starts in 30 days, so need to sell ASAP!
  • Sell for equity value: For example, bought house for $100,000 but now worth $150,000 and want to cash out!
  • Landlords: Want to say goodbye to tenants, crazy late-night phone calls, constant turnover, wondering the condition of your property, etc.?
  • Relationship change: Divorce, widow, break up with significant other
  • Natural disasters: For example, property damage from high winds?
  • Retired investors: Put in a lot of hard work into building up a portfolio, now time to cash out!
  • Failed investors: Those who invest time, money, and energy into Fortune Builders will learn the DO’S AND DON’T’S of real estate investing- perhaps a failed investor type didn’t go that route?
  • Loss of income: Job cuts left you in a pinch and need to sell ASAP?
  • Growing family: A couple of 2 is surprised with the news they will be a family of 3, so now to upgrade!
  • “Empty Nesters”: The grown family has moved out, so now to downsize into something more manageable
  • Wholesaler: An assigned contract is burning a hole in your pocket and need to get turned over quickly!

Whatever your distressed situation, Reel Property Solutions, LLC

has the ability to assist you, make you feel comforted with the next steps, and has a variety of resources for a smooth transaction.  Contact us at info@reelpropertysolutionsllc.com or call 507-218-8788 or 507-722-1511.  When we say” Hello!  How can I help you?, know our motto is CATCH A WINNER!  Reach out to us today!


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