Houses in Rochester, MN

Houses in Rochester, MN

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We took a break from looking at houses in Rochester, MN.  Now we are BACK and ready more than ever to CATCH A WINNER!


Being a real estate redeveloper can be whatever we want it to be.  Our 2018 was spent with a giant focus on building up a business network and marketing to distressed properties.   After a very busy year of networking, meeting fantastic people to form business partnerships, and searching, searching, searching for houses to renovate, we felt the need had come to take a break from looking at houses in Rochester, MN.  While on that break during December, this is what we want to share:

  • Houses in Rochester, MN had been flying off the market during an insanely strong upward market for a couple years. Now in 2019, the market is expected to soften.  What does that mean?  Likely, the trend will go from a HOT seller’s market to a seller’s market setting.  Therefore, still a strong market but with less competition.  Need a refresher on how to determine a Buyer’s Market, Seller’s Market or Neutral Market?  Read this blog written on May 1, 2017:
  • We are VERY THANKFUL to have the education from Fortune Builders! We have met some real estate investors who focus on renovating and reselling, but those investors have not necessarily gone through the Fortune Builders training.  There is a HUGE difference in mindset, knowledge, and overall mannerisms.  For example, Reel Property Solutions, LLC is incorporated to be protected against almost anything.  Fortune Builders also provides legal documents, scripts of how to have a conversation for raising private money, and so much more.  Some other investors just fly by the seat of their pants hoping for the best and have gotten in trouble for it.  On the other hand, we have met and become good friends with other investors who have also gone through the Fortune Builders training, thus we can all talk the same lingo!
  • Speaking of other investors…. We have seen over and over again how other investors will purchase distressed properties for WAY too much, renovate minimally then attempt to resell for WAY too much! Now these houses in Rochester, MN are getting a bad reputation for not selling.  Some of the times the investors got in over their heads and think this can be resolved by trying to over price the property which feels like they are ripping off the next buyer.  Again, we are thankful that Fortune Builders has taught us how to accurately assess the market value, we work with a knowledgeable real estate agent to support our thoughts, and that way the next buyer will gladly want to purchase from us!
  • Here is a saying we LOVE: Your network determines your net worth. That is why we have used our time off from pursuing houses in Rochester, MN to build up relationships.  For example, a person reached out wanting to work together which has resulted in a lending opportunity for the next property purchase!


How does this affect YOU as a person, as a resident in the houses in Rochester, MN, as a retail buyer?  Reel Property Solutions, LLC always has our motto at the forefront of our minds.  Catch a Winner!  You as a person should know Catch a Winner could entail making a double-digit return on money to invest with us.  You as a resident in the houses in Rochester, MN should know Catch a Winner affects your neighborhood to improve the value.  You as a retail buyer should know Catch a Winner affects you buy looking at the properties we put on the market as like-new conditions to be proud to call home!

Reel Property Solutions, LLC would like to take the opportunity to discuss more about how YOU can Catch a Winner with us!  Contact or call 507-218-8788 or 507-722-1511.


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