I am part of the 2020 census bureau jobs!

I am part of the 2020 census bureau jobs!

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Every 10 years since 1790, a Census has been conducted to gather data about the populations of people living the United States.  To complete a census, people are needed to work positions.  There are opportunities for the 2020 census bureau jobs, which I have the chance to do.  This has been quite the mind opening occasion, especially when being able to study various communities and where would be an ideal place for Reel Property Solutions, LLC to market.

This is a short overview of why the Census was first established:

  • To help with organizing seats for the House of Representatives. The Census is written into the Constitution in Article 1, section 2: “…The plan was to count every person living in the newly created United States of America, and to use that count to determine representation in the Congress.”
  • Distributing public funds such as “educational programs, healthcare, law enforcement and highways is allocated in part based on population.”
  • Shows population growth and/or decline
  • Where retail centers are needed


One of the reasons I wanted to be part of the 2020 Census bureau jobs was to get a better perspective of the real estate markets.  The Rochester market is what I am most used to, but that is not the area I have been assigned (yet!) to gather census data.  Other markets in southeastern Minnesota small towns have helped me to realize those markets are also strong.  Some residents have stated the folks in their community want to live there for the peace and serenity of small-town living, yet still benefit from being close to Rochester for an easy commute.  Others stated Rochester and the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul and suburbs) are too fast paced and want families to feel more at ease in a countryside community.  The employment fields are typically farming, manufacturing, transportation, convenience stores, schools, and wind farms.  In a larger city, some of these opportunities just don’t exist such as farming.  Residents want to be where they are comfortable making a living. 

The 2020 Census bureau jobs gets me hands-on talking with people in their homes.  Most people are receptive to answer questions; a few people are uninterested.  This all comes with the territory!  I have seen how new developments are not necessarily a better place to live.  I have seen how older neighborhoods are not necessarily a place to market.  Why?  New developments tend to be built fast and at reduced costs.  In the long run, there is potential a property may not last as long as intended.  Older neighborhoods may be the folks who plan to stay their entire lifetime, therefore, unless a For Sale sign is in place, there is no intention of moving.

How does the 2020 census bureau jobs affect the clients for Reel Property Solutions, LLC?  I want to personally get a close look at what areas Reel Property Solutions, LLC can better serve people with distressed needs.  I am able to see how one house in distress may be a rare find in a town, therefore, this could be an ideal property to send a mailer.  Also, there could be people who want to sell their property, yet feel like since their town in a particular location, this may hinder the next potential homeowner from wanting to live there.  This is also utilizing some of the census reasons: where are the populations living?


Reel Property Solutions, LLC is always committed to helping people with their goals and needs.  Being part of the 2020 census bureau jobs has helped me personally to get out of my comfort zone, explore new areas, get lost finding and be able to find my way back, and do my civic duty as a United States citizen.  I am now a better real estate investor to help serve my clients!  This all is coupled with the outstanding never-ending education from Fortune Builders.  Part of being a successful real estate investor is always learning, always looking at different perspectives, always yearning for more knowledge and have a top-notch experience working with us!

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