Jason Fried Books: Tidbits from Rework BLOG PART 1:

Jason Fried Books: Tidbits from Rework BLOG PART 1:

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Jason Fried is part owner of Basecamp (formerly 37signals) which is a software company.  Beyond that, Google Jason Fried Books to discover he is also an author to Rework– an easy read with short snippets of thought-provoking stories.  When reading Rework, excerpts were taken and reflected how Reel Property Solutions, LLC can relate.

  • IGNORE THE REAL WORLD (pages 13-14): Ignore negativity, specifically when approaching with a new idea- this makes people uncomfortable, especially when they haven’t tried that new idea. When Reel Property Solutions, LLC was started, many people were surprised, many people were skeptical, and many people were inquisitive.  Luckily with the phenomenal education from Fortune Builders to aide in the foundation of real estate investing, the skeptical people turned into admiration for the new-found path.  If all pieces of “advice” were taken seriously, Reel Property Solutions, LLC would have flopped quickly.  Instead, with chin held high and confidence strong, Reel Property Solutions, LLC continues to thrive!
  • PLANNING IS GUESSING (pages 19-20): This was a subject in this one of Jason Fried books that this author was clearly adamant about: Have goals but be flexible and don’t obsess over what is hoped to be done when circumstances come up and plans are improvised. Recently, Reel Property Solutions, LLC sent out mailers targeted to houses with a bad roof.  One particular homeowner responded.  Then after thought, the homeowner decided to fix up the property and resell themselves.  The goal for Reel Property Solutions, LLC was to have homeowners reach out to sell their properties, but that’s not something that can be controlled.  One out of 50 responded, which is actually higher than the average rate (YAY TO US!), but when that one homeowner didn’t come through, Reel Property Solutions, LLC kept going with other properties of similar issue.  It would be a bummer if the hope was 25 responses- it’s important not to set up to fail!
  • ENOUGH WITH ENTREPRENEURS (page 28): In this one of Jason Fried books, “entrepreneurs” are described as “outdated and loaded with baggage”. The new word should be “starters”.  Here at Reel Property Solutions, LLC, this business was started from the ground up with the 2 owners.  Nobody else is at our sides unless other networks of investors are invited to share in a project and keep it with clear boundaries to maintain a clean feel for everyone.
  • SCRATCH YOUR OWN ITCH (pages 34-36): This means to create products for yourself and then show to others who can use it. For example, the Dyson vacuum was designed to be bagless for easier cleaning and this has grown into a huge seller!  Reel Property Solutions, LLC started because the “itch” was to be our own boss, determine our own schedule, and most of all make a difference in our community.  The “scratch” came when introduced to Fortune Builders who does an outstanding job of teaching and motivating people to become successful entrepreneurs- wait- SUCCESSFUL STARTERS!
  • NO TIME IS NO EXCUSE (pages 40-41): In this one of many Jason Fried books, he states to give up mindless tasks such as watching TV and use that time to focus on what project, etc. to build up, stay motivated, and focused to succeed for the future. For the owners of Reel Property Solutions, LLC, the balance is precarious.  Both work full time and part time W2 jobs with devoting time to real estate investing.  This is can be taxing, yet finding time is easy when pursing a passion.  Therefore, if someone doesn’t feel the inner reward- the passion- then that particular mission may not be for them.
  • COMMITMENT STRATEGY, NOT EXIT STRATEGY (pages 59-60): Focus on making your investment/project/business better; don’t focus on getting out. This is tricky for Reel Property Solutions, LLC because when purchasing a property, there must be an exit strategy due to the short-term timeframe with a property.  Questions are: wholesale? Fix and flip? Passive income? Contract for Deed? Etc.  Although Reel Property Solutions, LLC does have a quick exit strategy, during the process, the commitment strategy is about the quality of the project so the next homeowner can feel assured their new house was treated as a home.
  • EMBRACE CONSTRAINTS (pages 67-68): Keep things simple, use immediate resources, and get creative with what’s available. Reel Property Solutions, LLC feels constraints all the time: financial, time, market values, etc.  There is great pride in how this business is run to make the customer feel they are 100% valued which overrides any constraints-like feeling.
  • BUILD HALF A PRODUCT (page 70): Less is more- less overwhelming is more time for others to comprehend and take in the new project, etc. Luckily for Reel Property Solutions, LLC, the resources from Fortune Builders are a couple mouse strokes away.  Still with that, most times during a property tour, a camera, sheet of paper and pen, and researched notes of the property is all that is needed.  Based on these few key items, the determination can be made about repair costs, after repair value, time for repairs, and the best remodeling contractor, etc. suited for the job.
  • FOCUS ON WHAT WON’T CHANGE (page 85): What do customers want NOW AND in 10 years from now?  This is a huge emphasis for this one of Jason Fried books.  For Reel Property Solutions, LLC, customers will always want to be treated with respect plus the cash transactions will never go out of style!

In part 2 of this blog, more excerpts from this edition of Jason Fried books will be reviewed.  Stay tuned for more!  What won’t change is the underlying tone of how Reel Property Solutions, LLC has zeal for real estate investing to create a better place for the customer, the neighborhood, and the overall community!


Until then, always feel free to contact Reel Property Solutions, LLC directly at info@reelpropertysolutionsllc.com or

call 507-218-8788 or 507-722-1511.

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