Road to get my real estate license

Road to get my real estate license

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Real estate investing doesn’t require a real estate license.  Obtaining market information can be done by reaching out to a real estate agent, however, this does add in a few extra steps.  Is the agent available to research the comparable properties?  What if the agent wasn’t at the property, therefore doesn’t have all the information to obtain appropriate data?  These are some reasons that have been inspiration to get my real estate license.

For about the past 15 years, that gut inclining has been saying get my real estate license.  But, but but…. Well, the excuses were abundant including I was living in a state I knew I didn’t want to stay long term.  Then to relocate would require studying all over again for that state’s licensure.  Then I moved.  The gut inclining came back.  I gave myself more excuses of why that time was not good.  Then get started with a new business- still not a good time to juggle everything along with obtaining a real estate license.  Now.  Now is the time!  Why the right time?

The reason that NOW is the right time is to benefit YOU in the Rochester and surrounding communities.  We at Reel Property Solutions, LLC have gotten to know the market, been connecting with other investors, and more confident than ever NOW is the time to tap into that gut inclining to get my real estate license.

One way to benefit YOU in the Rochester and surrounding communities is if you have a desire to sell your home but do not want the terms from Reel Property Solutions, LLC, then another option is to list on the MLS with the opportunity for us to represent YOU!  This gives potential end buyers the chance to make your home into their own.  Also the homeowner can negotiate offer prices which may benefit them just as much or more than an all cash offer from Reel Property Solutions, LLC.

The path to get my real estate license has been consulting with many other professionals, including field experts at Fortune Builders.  The pros by far outweighed the cons.  For example, people tend to think more highly of a real estate investor who is also a real estate agent verses solely a real estate investor.  One con is the investment (AKA cost) of being an agent does come with monthly/annual/one time dues.  Those all need to be considered into a budget.

First step to get my real estate license is to budget!  Then get signed up for courses- thank goodness these days in Minnesota, the real estate courses are online which can be done at the student’s pace.  During this time, study to be confident to pass the test.  Once the test is passed, then to reach out to a brokerage.  Then get the document to show the license is valid and use it!

As always, reach out to Reel Property Solutions, LLC for any questions or the need to sell your home.  Contact 507-722-1511 or 507-218-8788 or



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