Tips to Sell Your Home This Holiday Season

Tips to Sell Your Home This Holiday Season

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This guest article is written by Brittany Fisher from Financially Well.  More information is at this website: or contact Brittany directly at: 



Tips to Sell Your Home This Holiday Season


Forget all the presents under the tree – all you want for Christmas this year is to sell your home! The holidays are busy enough with holiday shopping, parties, family gatherings, and end-of-year tasks, so it might seem a little far-fetched that you would be able to sell your home amid all the chaos. Despite your doubts, it is possible to keep your home on the market while maintaining your sanity with some of the helpful tips below.


Take Advantage of the Season


Contrary to popular belief, the holidays are a great time to put your home on the market because there’s less competition. As a bonus, with less homes on the market, you may be able to up your asking price. You may also find that you encounter more serious buyers because, let’s be honest, whose idea of holiday fun includes going to open houses? This is also the time of year where big life changes happen such as relocating for a new job, necessitating the need for a home sooner rather than later. Furthermore, purchasing a home before the end of the year offers tax advantages for buyers in that they can subtract mortgage/loan interests as well as property taxes.


Deck the Halls with Care


For some of us, the holidays are that one time of year where you can let your festive spirit fly and truly deck your halls. However, if you will be opening your home to potential buyers, it’s best to tone it down a little and opt for minimal decorations such as a pretty wreath on the door, lights on the shrubbery, a trimmed and lighted tree, and stockings hung by the chimney. Decorations should look neat as opposed to a holiday explosion. The goal of an open house is view your home’s potential, and too many decorations can become a distraction. Perhaps this year you could try to match your festive spirit to your décor and color palette to accentuate and build upon the base you’ve already established.


Keep It Viewing Ready


Once your home is on the market, you are at the whim of the buyers, so it is best to keep your home show ready at all times. This time of year comes with a plethora of gifts, holiday cards, baked goods, children’s artwork, and endless piles of jackets, but try to make sure everything has a place. Start by decluttering each room, and removing anything you don’t use or need. It might be tempting to pile everything into a closet, but potential buyers will be looking in every nook and cranny, including your storage space. Save yourself the headache when you move and take care of the clutter now. You can move nonessential items into a storage unit for a few months. Renting a self-storage unit in Rochester averages around $84 per month, but with a little research, you can save by finding sign-up deals and offers. Perhaps now would be a good time to sell some of your unwanted items in order to have a little extra cash to spend on gifts.


Be Prepared to Leave


The holidays are a busy time of year, but with your home for sale, you’ll need to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. However, keep in mind that all members of your family need to leave during the showing, including your pooch. It won’t suffice to crate him up or put him in the backyard, not only for safety reasons, but because some buyers aren’t comfortable around dogs. Plus a barking dog could make potential buyers leave your home. If you can’t take your furry family member with you, consider hiring a pet sitter to watch him for the day (most sitters charge between $14 and $19 an hour).


With the tips above and a can-do attitude, you can navigate the holidays and the real estate market with ease. Just remember to keep your décor at a minimum, keep your home show ready, and have a game plan in place for showings, and you’ll be one step closer to moving day.


Reel Property Solutions, LLC knows the power of collaborating with other business entities to promote content.  Thank you to Brittany Fisher for being so eager to partner for this blog.  This also shows how YOU as a potential seller, buyer, money lender, professional resource, etc. for our properties is a huge part of making everything tick and fall into place.  Always remember our education from Fortune Builders has taught- and forever will teach us the in’s and out’s of caring for business partners.

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