Why “a best friend” as a real estate investor benefits YOU!

Why “a best friend” as a real estate investor benefits YOU!

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When Reel Property Solutions, LLC has a property in mind to have under contract, due diligence must be done.  To obtain all the necessary information, relationships are formed with many types of people, which is sort of like becoming a best friend with someone.  These are some are key people Reel Property Solutions, LLC collaborates with and why a best friend as a real estate investor benefits YOU!

  • Money lender: These folks have big amounts of cash to lend for projects which means we as investors don’t have to put up much of our own funds, therefore we can work on many projects at once. More houses for us to fix up is more people we have assisted out of a distressed situation.  Also, more beautiful renovated houses are for buyers like YOU who want a house that is move-in ready.
  • Homeowner/seller: Since transactions must be a WIN-WIN, we work with the homeowner/seller so they know they are getting a great deal. Reel Property Solutions, LLC doesn’t try to be syrupy sweet so the homeowner/seller will want to be a best friend; rather the relationship is very business-like by keeping the homeowner/seller up to date with the steps of the transaction to build trust.  One instance was a woman who called about her deceased son’s home.  Reel Property Solutions, LLC couldn’t purchase and renovate the property which was a manufactured home.  Reel Property Solutions, LLC helped by reaching out to a manufactured home sales representative to ask how the seller should proceed with the sale.  The seller was able to close on a private transaction.  After all this, the seller sent a generous gift with a Thank You card to Reel Property Solutions, LLC.  This goes to show how being a best friend in a professional sense with a homeowner/seller is appreciated!
  • Building Safety: Reel Property Solutions, LLC has quickly found a best friend here! These folks will give information about permits pulled- or NOT pulled- for past renovations and advice for contractors to pull permits.  For example, while performing due diligence for a property, the house had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  However, according to all the legal documents, the property was listed as a 2/1.  Building safety pulled up the blueprint of the house to discover previous renovations had been done WITHOUT a permit, therefore, the extra bathroom was not accounted for.  Luckily in this case the bathroom was used on a regular basis without any issues.  A permit for creating a bedroom in the basement was pulled, the space was created, and everything was considered legal.  A house will now be a home for a well deserving person like YOU!
  • Real estate attorney: Some of the transactions are done through a private sale which is why a real estate attorney is needed. Building up a rapport is important since Reel Property Solutions, LLC is a repeat customer!  The front desk person and the closing specialist are key people to develop a sturdy relationship-or a best friend in a professional setting.  When this happens, then the process seems to be much easier.  Going through a real estate transaction is stressful enough, therefore, having a quality relationship will help immensely!  If the next buyer wants a private transaction, the relationship that Reel Property Solutions, LLC has developed with the real estate attorney will help YOU in a smooth road to a new home.
  • Real estate agent: Reel Property Solutions, LLC works with an agent for MLS properties or to obtain information about an off-market property. Again, like the real estate attorney, building up rapport as a best friend in a professional manner is essential when being a repeat customer.  With our agent, this person is willing and able to provide comparable properties, give advice for after repair values, give insight to the immediate neighborhood…. And the list goes on further!  This helps YOU because Reel Property Solutions, LLC wants the next buyer to also have the best deal possible.
  • Other investors: Sometimes Reel Property Solutions, LLC doesn’t have the capital, time, or just not a good fit to take on another project, so let another investor in on the deal!  This helps YOU because now a distressed property is being renovated into a charming home for YOU!  With other investors, being a best friend isn’t necessarily a top priority- conducting a proficient transaction is the most important part.
  • Wholesaler: This person finds properties, does the “grunt work”, gets under contract then will sell the contract to an investor. This is a great way for an investor to obtain a property quickly.  In this circumstance, it is crucial to be on a best friend type of level and create a powerful bond.  An investor may not realize a certain neighborhood has a distressed property, which is something a wholesaler may have the skills and time to find.  This helps YOU in knowing there is a variety of houses available once fixed up and ready to be lived in again.
  • Network groups: An automatic group to call a best friend and bounce ideas around. Reel Property Solutions, LLC attends one networking group that plays the board game Cashflow.  This is designed to have fun, laugh, do something different than the lecture type of meeting, and find a best friend to connect with during real life situations.  This helps YOU because if Reel Property Solutions, LLC cannot answer your questions, etc., then there are many more people to turn to for answers and advice.
  • Anyone doing the labor for renovations: Remodeling contractors, electricians, plumbers, mechanical people… the list goes on! Reel Property Solutions, LLC has found a terrific remodeling contractor and will be working with them for a long time to come!  The bond started during a property tour when asked if a space could hold a bathroom.  This contractor jumped up and down and said NO! because the floor bounced back!  Honesty and respect developed- like a best friend- and is helping YOU so that renovations can be done safely.
  • Fortune Builders: This is where Reel Property Solutions, LLC got started with real estate investing. The courses are thorough, covers all the basics including how to design our business cards to checklists to conduct due diligence.  No person can do real estate investing alone.  Even the smallest thing can turn into a big deal, but with help from many people we can call a best friend- that is a huge advantage for YOU!

Reel Property Solutions, LLC would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you regarding your situation.  With all the varieties of people we collaborate with to work on a property, know that Reel Property Solutions, LLC strives to keep YOU as the homeowner/seller or buyer- be thee focus.

Our motto is CATCH A WINNER!


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