Stay tuned!

Posted by Rochelle Markov // July 20, 2019 // Blog

Reel Property Solutions, LLC has big projects in the works.  Sorry for no blogs lately… we’ll be back SOON! Still need something?  Call 507-218-8788 or 507-722-1511 or email   CATCH A WINNER!  

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Road to get my real estate license

Posted by Rochelle Markov // May 11, 2019 // Blog

Real estate investing doesn’t require a real estate license.  Obtaining market information can be done by reaching out to a real estate agent, however, this does add in a few extra steps.  Is the agent available to research the comparable properties?  What if the agent wasn’t at the property, therefore doesn’t have all the information […]

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Direct Mail Letter Campaign

Posted by Rochelle Markov // May 2, 2019 // Blog

The month of April 2019 was rather busy to get a direct mail letter campaign completed to start in May 2019.  This blog will outline how a direct mail letter campaign works: Select properties to target: Not every property has the same distresses, therefore narrow down to a specific category. For example, Reel Property Solutions, […]

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Case study: sell your own house

Posted by Rochelle Markov // March 27, 2019 // Blog

Who would think that to sell your own house, that could be done without a real estate agent?  There are resources to aide in this transaction: calling Reel Property Solutions (507-722-1511 or 507-218-8788), doing a For Sale By Owner with a title agency or real estate law firm conducting the transaction, perhaps a family member […]

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Board game Cashflow 101

Posted by Rochelle Markov // March 20, 2019 // Blog

Real estate investing is a broad term from financial investing to rental properties to renovating and reselling properties, commercial, residential, land, air space (think about why some sky scrapers can’t be built right on top of each other) and the list can go on forever.  A solid education is critical, especially learning new strategies all […]

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Winter weather safety tips

Posted by Rochelle Markov // February 23, 2019 // Blog

Winter weather brings the joys of snowmobiling, sledding, relaxing inside, yet concerns of winter weather safety might be a topic of conversation.  There are countless things to be aware of to keep you and your home safe including but not limited to: Furnace filters should be changed frequently to ensure air can still flow while […]

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Best time to sell a home

Posted by Rochelle Markov // February 14, 2019 // Blog

The best time to sell a home is: ANYTIME with Reel Property Solutions, LLC.  Sometimes people prefer to sell a house using a real estate agent, realtor, or broker.  Outlined are reasons why ANYTIME is the best time to sell a home with Reel Property Solutions, LLC verses why the time of year could impact […]

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Tips for networking

Posted by Rochelle Markov // January 16, 2019 // Blog

This is a blog written for this website on May 20, 2017 about networking:   To dig deeper, this blog will outline the ways Reel Property Solutions, LLC utilizes networking, the benefits, tips for networking, and what to do for continued success.   Reel Property Solutions, LLC’s goals and tips for networking is vast.  […]

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Houses in Rochester, MN

Posted by Rochelle Markov // January 4, 2019 // Blog

We took a break from looking at houses in Rochester, MN.  Now we are BACK and ready more than ever to CATCH A WINNER!   Being a real estate redeveloper can be whatever we want it to be.  Our 2018 was spent with a giant focus on building up a business network and marketing to […]

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Buy Distressed Homes: How we do it!

Posted by Rochelle Markov // December 3, 2018 // Blog

Purchasing any home involves a lot of “hoops to jump through”.  Want to buy distressed homes?  There are still many, but perhaps just different hoops.  Here is what Reel Property Solutions LLC goes through to buy distressed homes.   Title search This very important piece of the puzzle will unveil many things such as: Liens […]

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