How to get a house ready to sell quickly

Posted by Rochelle Markov // November 23, 2018 // Blog

Many articles written about how to get a house ready to sell quickly will tell you things like: paint, do staging, contact a real estate agent, trim the landscape, etc. Here’s a list of what Reel Property Solutions, LLC recommends when trying to sell a property in distress. First impressions are the most memorable impressions.  […]

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Signs of a settling foundation

Posted by Rochelle Markov // November 7, 2018 // Blog

A previous blog was written to outline the causes of a cracked foundation.  Now what are SIGNS of a settling foundation in a house?  This question was posted on  Listed below are some categories of reasons with insightful answers from various professionals and business entity represented:   **Cracks in walls indicates signs of a […]

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Causes, questions, and answers of a bad foundation

Posted by Rochelle Markov // October 29, 2018 // Blog

A bad foundation is a huge expense to repair.  First, what causes a foundation to be bad?  Here are some factors: Dirt: Earth settling which is a natural process Soft ground from the type of soil in an area Underground water source has been known to cause water to leak into basements Traffic: Main road […]

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Case Study: It is IMPERATIVE to Do your due diligence!

Posted by Rochelle Markov // October 23, 2018 // Blog

Purchasing, renovating, and reselling a distressed piece of real estate has many facets- meaning many different things that must be done in order for the transaction to be successful.  One of those facets is do your due diligence!  This is a case study to outline why it is IMPERATVE to do your due diligence!   […]

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20 Different Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Posted by Rochelle Markov // October 16, 2018 // Blog

The term invest is a verb that is defined as: “Definition of invest  (Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb 1 : to commit (money) in order to earn a financial return 2 : to make use of for future benefits or advantages invested her time wisely 3 : to involve or engage especially emotionally were […]

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ROI (Return on Investment) to determine good verses bad deal

Posted by Rochelle Markov // October 1, 2018 // Blog

Real estate investing is a numbers game called ROI (Return on Investment) that will determine whether a property is a good or bad deal.  Sometimes an investor wants a certain profit dollar amount to determine a good deal.  Most of the time the ROI (Return on Investment) is 15% or more is a deal maker; […]

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Market Research Case Study: Lipstick on a Pig!

Posted by Rochelle Markov // September 26, 2018 // Blog

Reel Property Solutions, LLC is a real estate investment company that purchases, renovates, and resells properties that were distressed to like-new conditions.  In order to know what the competition is doing in our HOT SELLER’S market in Rochester, Minnesota, Reel Property Solutions, LLC will conduct a market research case study to compare/contrast the do’s and […]

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Short sale explained by who, what, when, where, why, how

Posted by Rochelle Markov // September 19, 2018 // Blog

There are many terms relating to real estate: listing, motivated seller, mortgage, buyer’s market, seller’s market, earnest money deposit- the list goes on forever!  One term that can have people in a tough situation is a short sale.  Read further about a short sale explained in the views of: Who, what, when, where, why, how […]

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Case Study: Do I Have a Lien on My House?

Posted by Rochelle Markov // August 30, 2018 // Blog

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY.  ALL NAMES AND SPECIFIC INFORMATION HAVE BEEN REMOVED TO PROTECT THE PRIVACY OF ALL PARTIES INVOLVED.   Bandit signs were put out.  The phone rings.  A homeowner in a financially distressed situation.  Reel Property Solutions, LLC toured the property, made an offer, property was under contract, and […]

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Hello! How can I help you?

Posted by Rochelle Markov // August 20, 2018 // Blog

Walk into a store, an employee says: Hello!  How can I help you?  Go to a car dealership, the sales associate already has an image of what you are looking for before they utter: Hello!  How can I help you?  Contact Reel Property Solutions, LLC, we will also greet with Hello!  How can I help […]

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